PUBLISHED 15 NOV 2017   


It is always exciting to see what a new year brings within the creative interpretation of trendsetting minds. And so much fun to be had when we can recreate the scene within our own context and with our local paint colours! The latest trends pick up on the need for BALANCE in our lives. It explores how we can transcend this to make our homes the calm within the storm. 


The Dulux colour experts and stylists have produced a wonderful showcase of their interpretation of the trends and at KAINOS we love to share home styling ideas with our clients:

KINSHIP: All about glow, homeliness and a positive environment: community awareness and support; folklore, cultural heritage and revival of long forgotten traditions; a yearning for spiritual growth and awareness. Enfold yourself with these cosy earth tones -- the warmth of terracotta, wood and natural details.

ESSENTIAL:  Going back to basics, getting rid of the clutter and replacing it with texture and strong lines. Quality and not quantity. Softer muted naturals and shades of grey. Calm. A beautiful deep indigo as accent colour to break the quiet and dive deep.

ESCAPADE:  Think Miami and flamingos. Cheeky but nice. Ice cream parlours and yummy shapes. Balanced with bold and graphic patterns.  Be the global citizen and transport your home to the tropics. Remember the cocktails.

REFLECT:  This trend brings deep colours to light with metallic details and opulence. A fusion of the classics, with contemporary interpretationsIt's the darkroom of your soul. Time to do some 'retro-spect'.

If you are interested in digging deeper into the paint files and want to choose your exact mood and style, you can watch this short youtube summary or scroll to the image collage below.


Can you imagine yourself living in one of these homes?



Author: Ronelle B Meyer