PUBLISHED 20 OCT 2017   

You may contemplate selling your home by yourself, without the help of an estate agent or by using a seemingly 'low cost' online option. But would you risk one of the biggest investment in your life without professional guidance?

Times are changing! And the real estate industry is adapting to these changes. Your typical traditional real estate agent is being replaced with professionally trained and informed Property Consultants.

These business minded individuals are often from a wide spectrum of professions with years' work experience and people skills. They are mostly drawn to a career in real estate because they love working with people, negotiating deals and investing in property. 

These new era Property Consultants must be registered with a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate, trained with NQF4 and NQF5 qualifications, must adhere to strict regulations set by the EAAB and SETA, and comply to a strict ethical Code of Conduct -- to protect you as the Buyer or Seller, and to build a trustworthy industry.

You need to know about all aspects of the process

The mere necessity to be expertly trained when assisting clients with the sale of their home must wave a red flag to any seller who wants to go 'solo'.   Apart from the Property Consultant being knowledgeable about market performance and the sales process, they are on top of the latest cybercrime happening.

Your Property Consultant knows their area well, they have a database of hot buyers and sellers, they inform each other of conmen in the market place and their people skills and training make them aware of any signs of misconduct and corruption.

Benefits of choosing a KAINOS Property Consultant

A Comparative Market Analyses -- Overpriced or undervalued, the wrong marketing price will have a negative effect on your home's performance;

Customised Marketing -- Presenting the best possible images, copy and platform to suit your home's unique selling points;

Reputation & Trust Customer loyalty in repeat business is surely a sign of trust. It is not always about the size of the company: a good name in this industry brings clients to your doorstep and an ethical realtor can count on referrals. A trained

Property Consultant will guide the buyer with transparency and protect the rights and value of the Seller's home;

Online focus -- a network and audience ready to receive your home's information via a post to property websites and the KAINOS database, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a wink of an eye;

Negotiating skills -- Property Consultants deal with offers every day. They know the market, the trends and can distinguish the potential buyers from a pool of non-able onlookers. With KAINOS being a non-franchised agency, the approval process on offers to purchase is uncomplicated and the Principal a phone call away. This saves the clients and the Property Consultant time and frustration, and protects the best offer for your home;

Saving money & agony -- Yes, you are going to pay a reasonable brokerage fee for a consultant handling all the prickly situations and issues on your behalf. And their advice is golden… it can save you a lot of agony and lawyer's letters at the end of the day. They will list your home accurately and assess problems and ask for your honesty in return. They will give guidance on what you need to declare and how the intricate process is going to unfold from show house to registration at the

Deeds Office. Do you really have the time to deal with all of this on your own?

Walking the tight rope on your behalf -- whether it is a critical or nasty remark at a show house session, a buyer who wants to intimidate on price, or a double deal where you could lose both… your Property Consultant is oiled in maneuvering through this, without being too emotionally involved or sensitive as the homeowner would be.

Teamwork -- at KAINOS you have a group of motivated agents working for you; from the KAINOS administrator to the well-networked Principal.  At Monday meetings, the whole team is informed about your property going to market and they can network with their own client base to view your home if they think it fits the bill. KAINOS believes in SYNERGY -- working as a team to give the SELLER and the BUYER the best options to choose from.